May 2018

21 May 2018

The “Read to Ride” program has been a tremendous incentive for my ESL (English as a Second Language) students. They were so excited to keep track of all the books we have  been reading. They took accountability and responsibility for their own learning and recording. They would even remind me! Several of my students don’t always get to receive awards at school & several don’t even own bikes. This was an encouraging way to motivate them to be proud of their work, see their accomplishments on the reading log and look forward to a possible prize! The boy that won this year has come a long way since the beginning of the year. He has worked so hard on increasing his reading level, vocabulary and communication skills. This log was very important to him. He would remind me daily and kept up with it as well as added some titles from home. He turned it in to our librarian with such pride! The moment his name was announced, all of 2nd grade erupted into cheers! They knew how hard he had worked and how far he had come. The entire campus was proud of  him!!! His smile was enormous and it was the best possible way for him to end his 2nd grade year. Thank you for giving our kids something to work towards, look forward to and be proud of themselves!

                                                                          Meredith Bonnett, Thomas Arnold Elementary ESL


21 May 2018

Alyssa Reinen, left, accepts a $750 check for her recent first place finish in the Knights of Pythias poster contest.


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16 May 2018

I'd like to offer my gratitude to my brother knights of Longview Lodge No. 26 for encouraging children to read.

Through the Knights of Pythias' sponsorship of the "Bikes for Kids" initiative, children throughout multiple Longview school districts received brand new bicycles Friday. The enthusiastic little readers had their names drawn from a pool, based on the children's success with their school's on-going Accelerated Reader program. As a father to the recipient of one of these brand new Huffy bicycles, I appreciate the benevolence and charity of the Knights of Pythias.

My maternal grandfather, the late Welton Middleton, also was a Texas classroom educator, administrator and active brother Knight of Pythias. My grandfather would have been as joyful as I am on this day to see what happiness and excitement for his great, granddaughter (Fallon Renee), to receive the benefits of such benevolence and charity: a new bicycle!

Thank you my brother knights of the Longview Lodge #26. In my short tenure as a K.o.P., I have yet to see the near-boundless limitations of your charity, to both me and my household.

And, with all of that stated with such sincerity, I conclude my open letter with a hearty "THANK YOU!"

John T. Smith, Longview (IV, M.L.A. DBU Class of 2018)

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January 2018

Thank you so much for conducting the Read & Ride Program! We appreciate the KoP thinking of us again this year. Yes, Reeces Creek ES would like to participate this year, and we look forward to hearing more later on in the school year!

Thank you,

Dina D’Amore, Librarian, Reeces Creek Elementary School


2017 Archive


Three Rand Session 12-11-17.jpg

Lanana Lodge 106, Nacogdoches, Texas held a three rank session to initiate four new Knights at their December 11, 2017 meeting. L to R: John Bard PGC, Joe Bennett AST, Josh Lankford, Ronnie Short - New Knight, Tim Hood GC, Blake Smith - New Knight, Randle Northcutt – PSR, Willie Jones - New Knight, Roger Fangman PGC, Gerry Hood - New Knight, Billy Scott and Bryan Williams GS.



A former Past Grand Chancellor participated in the Reading of the Names Ceremony commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.....

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Eagle Scout presentation 11-11-17.jpg

Eagle Scout Certificate presentation at Lanana Lodge in Nacogdoches, Texas during the annual Roll Call for the Texas Pythian Home at the Lodge Hall. L to R: Lodge Chancellor Commander Tim Hood (GC), Eagle Scout Reese Peterson, Scout Master Jolan Peters and Lodge Treasurer John Bard PGC.




May 20, 2017

Group pays to replace vandalized Longview veterans plaza statue...

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7 February 2017

Knights of Pythias looks to start new chapter in Cove

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