Our Impact

There are may ways in which an organization can try to determine both its effectiveness and impact on those groups it hopes to serve.  It can be measured by the amount of money raised and donated, the number of volunteer hours, or even by the items collected and distributed to other charitable organizations, of which the Knights of Pythias of Texas has provided much over the past 140 years.

We believe that the the truest measure of impact is best determined by the lives touched through the assistance provided to others, but also the friendships made within the Pythian community.   To us, Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence is more than a motto, but rather values to live with other members and the outside world.

Our attempt to impact our communities, in part, can be summed up this way -

"The “Read to Ride” program has been a tremendous incentive for my ESL (English as a Second Language) students. They were so excited to keep track of all the books we have  been reading. They took accountability and responsibility for their own learning and recording. They would even remind me! Several of my students don’t always get to receive awards at school & several don’t even own bikes. This was an encouraging way to motivate them to be proud of their work, see their accomplishments on the reading log and look forward to a possible prize! The boy that won this year has come a long way since the beginning of the year. He has worked so hard on increasing his reading level, vocabulary and communication skills. This log was very important to him. He would remind me daily and kept up with it as well as added some titles from home. He turned it in to our librarian with such pride! The moment his name was announced, all of 2nd grade erupted into cheers! They knew how hard he had worked and how far he had come. The entire campus was proud of  him!!! His smile was enormous and it was the best possible way for him to end his 2nd grade year. Thank you for giving our kids something to work towards, look forward to and be proud of themselves!Meredith Bonnett

Knowing that the Knights of Pythias of Texas had some part makes it all the more worthwhile, but even better, so can you!