Knights of Pythias of Texas

Our Mission

A core belief that all Pythians share is that our Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence with each other also transcend to others in the community.  Our endeavors are generally focused to benefit two particular categories: the less fortunate and youth through educational initiatives.  Several times a year, local lodges of the Knights of Pythias of Texas conduct general fundraising activities to sustain their charitable operations.  Funds collected through donation with the specific intent to be used toward educational initiatives are earmarked for those endeavors and are not used for activities other than intended.  

Firstly, we provide charitable donations, collect goods, clothing and food, as well as actively participate in fund raising events sponsored by other charitable organizations dedicated to the well-being of those in need or program awareness in the local community.  The Pythian Children’sHome is an approved 501c(3) entity that provides no cost care for children, whose parents or grandparents, due to circumstance, have difficulty properly caring for these children.

Secondly, we sponsor youth educational initiatives, particularly the Read and Ride Program, but not limited to it, to encourage youth in the pursuit in their learning endeavors.  Our goal is to expand the Read and Ride Program to its maximum extent, ultimately being implanted in all elementary schools within each lodges footprint, as funds are available through private donations and specific fund raising events. 

bicycle 2.JPG

"Thank you again for your generosity with the bike program.  The students and parents were so excited today when they picked them up.  What a rewarding feeling when you see a student with such pride about their accomplishments. This program is an outstanding way to encourage kids to become better readers and to feel proud about their hard work.  We are honored that you have allowed our school to be part of this program.  Thank you for all you do."

— Tiffany Learn, TAE Library



The Knights of Pythias of Texas has supported a variety of local charities that provide vital services to those in need within our communities.  While our organization may not be highly known, we attempt to assist those organizations to the maximum extent possible.  Our giving comes in the form of financial support, as well as clothing and food donations to local homeless shelters and food banks.  Funding for these activities comes in the form of member donations, fundraising activities, and donation drives within communities where members reside.  A shared belief among all Pythians is that what is given freely will be provided to others free.  Our donations are provided to non-profit organizations that provide goods free of charge to the community. 

The Knights of Pythias of Texas also provides financial support to the Pythian Children’s Home,  an approved 501c(3) entity, in Weatherford, TX.  Known as the “House that Love Built,” the home provides a warm and loving place for children to be nurtured, educated, and loved.  It provides no cost care for children, whose parents or grandparents, due to circumstance, have difficulty properly caring for these children. The Pythian Children’s Home is open to children, ages 3 – 14 (with some qualifications) from across the state.  Though intended to be a temporary residence until family situations, which resulted in their voluntary placement, are resolved, children may stay for as long as necessary.   

Members of the Knights of Pythias want to be positive members of the community in which we live by working to make it better through cooperation and understanding.  Whether at the forefront or behind the scenes,the promotion of Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence is paramount.  We do it, because we want to be good stewards while devoting our time, talents, and resources.  We do it because we believe our purpose is simple:  do our best to take care of our families and members, help those in need and help children reach their fullest potential.